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The Annual Chris Miller Memorial Steens Rim Run & Walk - better known as the “Rim Run” - is a race unlike any other in the Pacific Northwest.  With its high elevation, stunning views and scenery, unpredictable climate, and near-steady climb from start to finish, this high altitude race brings a whole new meaning to “challenging 10K.”  Each year, the first Saturday in August, more than 200 participants make the trek out to the remote Steens Mountain in Southeast Oregon.  The race offers a tremendous challenge... starting at an elevation of 7,830 feet and finishing above 9,730 feet. The 10K course follows the Steens Mountain Loop Road, passing the headwaters of both Fish Creek and the Little Blitzen. As you run along the rim's edge, a number of high mountain views make the race a memorable experience.  A short distance to the east is the Alvord Desert, 5,000 feet below the rugged East Rim.  

With the spectacular views, family friendly atmosphere, and challenging course, it is a race you will never forget!


Race Course & Profile