Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get additional registration forms?  Forms can be filled out and downloaded HERE or you can call or email race organizer Nick Miller at 541-413-1997 or  Photo copies of the originals will also be accepted.

  2. Can I register online?  YES! Absolutely! Please do!  2019 was our first year for online registration and it makes it way easier on the race directors!

  3. Can I register at the starting line the day of the race?  Yes, but we strongly encourage pre-race registration, but we will allow day of race registration between 7:30 am – 8:45 am (Day of Race Registration will close at 8:45 a.m.) 

  4. Where do I pick up my race packet? Packets are available for pick-up at the starting line the day of the race between 7:30 a.m. and 9:10 a.m.

  5. Are refunds available? Your race entry fee is non-refundable and bib numbers are not transferable to other runners or years. No exceptions. 

  6. Can I transfer my registration to another runner or year?  No, your registration and number are not transferable. No exceptions. 

  7. How can I verify receipt of my registration status?  Call or e-mail race organizers listed above in question one. 

  8. What happens if I am unable to participate but want my t-shirt?  You are welcome to still pick up your packet and receive your participation t-shirt and swag at the starting line or call the race organizers and we can get it sent to you. 

  9. What is your privacy policy regarding the information supplied on the registration form?  The Steens Rim Run does not share your information with any other parties without your consent.

Race Information

  1. What time are the races? The Walk begins at 9:30 am and the Run begins at 10:00 am.

  2. Is this really the toughest 10K in Oregon?  Well I can’t say that for sure, but I would be willing to bet, you would be hard pressed to find a much tougher 10K road race anywhere.  The nearly 2,000 feet elevation gain alone makes it very challenging, not to mention this race takes place at just under 10,000 feet above sea level.  

  3. What is the race course like?  The surface is a well maintained gravel road (don’t worry it’s not thick loose gravel).  The course is one way up the beautiful Steens Mountain, nestled in between several glacier cut gorges on the west side and the towering east rim on the east side.  The race ends at the East Rim Overlook which gives astonishing views of the mountain and Alvord Desert some 5,000+ feet below.

  4. What kind of weather conditions can I expect?  Usually the weather is great with lots of sun and a light breeze.  However, weather conditions can be extreme as well, especially near the top.  In 37 years we have seen hot dry 75+ degree days to even total white out conditions dumping as much as 3 inches of snow (only had snow once).  Come prepared for all possible weather conditions, and for sure bring a sweatshirt or jacket to wear at the top after you finish. 

  5. I am entered in the walk, but I am feeling good, especially on the few downhill portions. Can I run?  Absolutely not, the walk is a competitive race as well with long standing records, and awards given out to winners and three deep to all age categories. Walkers caught running at any time will be disqualified.  If you want to walk and run then enter the run, almost all runners have to walk at some point during the race.

  6. How do participants get back down to the starting line?  There are plenty of vehicles at or near the finish, just ask and we will find you a ride.  Anyone seen running or walking back down is surely doing it by choice, because there is always more than enough people willing to give rides. 

  7. Are iPods or headphones allowed on the course?  iPods and other earpiece music devices are allowed on the course. If you choose to wear one please be extra cautious and mindful of the volume of your music and your presence on the course. 

  8. Will there be portable restrooms on the course?  Yes, there will be portable restrooms located at the Start, near mile 3, at the last turn towards the finish (mile 5.9) and at the Finish - 6 at the start, one near miles 3 and 6 and 2 at the finish. 

  9. My family and or friends want to watch the race, where is the best spots?  I recommend that they drive a vehicle up to the parking area near the finish (mile 5.9).  The scenery is beautiful up there, and this way they get to see you finish, and can carry your extra clothes and miscellaneous stuff up there for you. Vehicles and spectators wanting to be at the top need to go up prior to 9:15 am, the course will be closed to all vehicles after that until the last participant finishes.  The loop road usually opens back up by 12:30.

  10. What are the race shirts like? We changed the T-shirts to Dry-fit in 2011.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so we are continuing with a dry-fit style again this year.