The Annual Chris Miller Memorial Steens Rim Run & Walk began in 1983 when the local High School Cross Country Coach decided "the Steens would be a great place to have a road run." Coach Mary Otley gathered 70+ participants for the first race and began a tradition spanning over 35 years to date. The race continued on with the help of Coach Gordon Black from 1984 through the remainder of the decade, gathering more participants each year and changing the course in its third season.  In 1987, the Rim Run became the "Chris Miller Memorial Steens Rim Run & Walk" in honor of a local teen whose passion for running and Steens Mountain were shared equally.  Chris lost his life in a tragic hunting accident on January 4th, 1987 near Steens Mountain.  Chris was one of only five runners who had ran the race every year.  In his second year on the mountain (1984), Chris established the 12 & Under Age Group Record with a blazing time of 58:33, a record that still stands today.  Miller’s parents Gary and Jill took over planning and coordination of the event in 1990.  They passed the torch to their youngest son Nick and daughter Mandi after the 25th annual race in 2007, don't worry they are still heavily involved :).  The Rim Run continues to be a favorite 10K for racers across the United States. Families, running clubs, friends, singles, and many others look forward to the race every year – many seeking a new challenge with true high-elevation running, several out for the exercise and great scenery, and all out to enjoy a unique family atmosphere unlike any other race.   We hope to see you up on the mountain this year "COME RUN ABOVE THE CLOUDS!"